There are many businesses that have a large number of cars that they own and rely on each day. Insuring these vehicles can be time-consuming and costly if you don’t go about it in the right way. Depending on the amount of vehicles a company owns, fleet insurance could be an ideal solution. Fleet insurance is a type of insurance that allows you to insurance three or more cars under the same policy. The advantage to this is that it saves you not only a considerable amount of money but it also saves you a lot of time that you’d spend doing paperwork.Everything you need to know bout Fleet Insurance NJ Fleet insurance isn’t only of use to businesses though. Anyone who is in a position where they want to insure multiple cars can take advantage of fleet insurance. This could be a person who has a large personal collection of cars or more commonly a large family with multiple cars that they want to insure together. For families that have three or more cars, fleet insurance can be an excellent way to save money for everyone. Many younger drivers now find it very difficult to find insurance at an affordable price. It’s unfortunate but insurance providers will charge 18-24 year olds much more simply due to the fact that statistically they’re much more likely to be involved in accident. Getting fleet insurance as a family is a good way around this problem. How Much Will it Cost? Regardless of whether it’s a business, family or individual purchasing fleet insurance, the insurance providers will take certain key factors into account when calculating the cost of a policy. The first thing they’ll look at are the vehicles being insured, their age and value. Since the vehicles being insured will always differ from each other in some, the insurance provider will look at them as a whole and take everything into account when calculating the cost. The price you’re quoted can vary quite a lot depending on the insurance provider so be sure to shop around when looking for quotes. The drivers being insured is the next thing an insurance provider will take into account. The ideal scenario is for all the drivers to have a clean driving history and be over the age of 25. Of course this isn’t always possible, especially when it’s a family with young drivers getting the policy. In addition to the vehicles in the fleet and the named drivers, another thing that will affect the cost of your policy is the level of cover and additional options you have included. You’re able to get the standard levels of cover you find with any car insurance i.e. fully comprehensive, third party and third party, fire and theft. You can also get additional options such as breakdown recovery and European cover.